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Whether you are an agency owner who wants agent education off of your to-do list or you're an agent who wants to learn the processes I used to grow my business... you're in the right place

Travel Agent Sales Lab Membership


Pay annually and receive 2 months free


Sales and Marketing Masterclasses

Post-Writing Power Hours

Co-Working Sessions and Accountability Challenges

20 Post Starters a Month

The Travel Agent Sales Lab Membership

There is a gaping hole in the industry: a lack of supportive environments that offer accountability, education, and coaching for agents who want to make more sales.

That's why I created the Travel Agent Sales Lab Membership. At the end of the day you want money in your bank account and extra time to spend embarrassing your children at their soccer games.

You want the live support of a business coach without the expensive price tag.

Customized New Agent Orientation Program

$2,700 + $199/mo

One-time $2,700 set up fee for customized agency orientation module

$199/month subscription: Access to modules and Learning Management System for all agents in agency

Custom-made Welcome to the Agency Module

Core Content Modules in Marketing 101, Sales 101, and Business Building 101

Access to Learning Management System for all agents in agency through FG Funnels or Searchie

Strategy calls with agency owner during set up process and quarterly during subscription period

Customized New Agent Orientation Education Program

I’ve learned that agencies are needing to bring on more agents to see the growth that partners and suppliers want to see on the spreadsheets. The issue is, when running a travel agency, many owners do not have the time to create and then implement an education program for those new agents. It's something they think about, but is always at the bottom of the priorities list.

This is why I do what I do. Because too many travel agency owners are overwhelmed with everything on their plates. So I help them welcome and educate their new agents without stress through my onboarding program.

The pricing is set by agency, not per agent. A deposit of 50% of the set-up fee is due to begin the process of setting up your portal.

For full program details and availability, email

Agency-Level Group Business Coaching on Zoom


Minimum 6 months

One 50-minute group coaching Zoom with continuing education topic picked by agents or agency owner per month

Monthly owner strategy calls to align education with agency goals

20 Post Starters each Month

Hub for all recordings, transcripts, PDF workbooks and private podcast feed

Agency-Level Group Business coaching on Zoom

A collaborative and strategic program available for travel agency owners who want to reach sales goals through education.

This program teaches agents how to position themselves as an expert agent with a relationship-building approach to marketing and sales.

Objectives for the program are made with the agency owner. Group coaching sessions are designed to address the needs of the agents. A course catalog is available.

Email for complete program information and for availability.

Tara M.

Travel agenT

"My sales this year have doubled from my best year in 2019. I have been so busy and really had a very huge boost this year."

I definitely grew in confidence in my social media and have had a lot of bucket list type trips booked via my posts in my client group and have been able to engage with clients more via social media.

meet dana

Travel Agent.


Baseball Mom.

There is a lack of fundamental sales and marketing education for travel agents. Additionally, there is no shortage of quick fixes advertised. I believe in good old fashioned relationship marketing and that's what I use as the basic of my education programs.

With a combination of nearly 10 years experience in the industry and my background as a teacher, I take sales and marketing strategy and break it down into doable steps that any agent can use in their business.