what agents are saying...

Seeing agents soar in sales brings me such joy!

Marci w

member of travel agfnt sales lab

My sales have increased including repeat clients since working with Dana

"I am now consistently booking trips every month. I don't have those lulls in sales because I am reaching out and following up with clients."

monica h

member of travel agent sales lab

Dana has introduced me to making my career easier for me.

"My sales not only have grown, but I've been much more efficient as an agent. With her training, I've come to love the other aspects and to make those other aspects easy for me and fun for my guests. It's so much more than social media assistance. And, the accountability to the others is what keeps me going (but no one says anything if you don't check the done button-there's no pressure at all). I will be renewing Dana's services for next year also."

tara m

member of travel agent sales lab

After being in the industry for many years, you do start to do many things by memory and so, hearing what others do and resources they use, and even how they think has been a great help

"I definitely grew in confidence in my social media and have had a lot of bucket list type trips booked via my posts in my client group and have been able to engage with clients more via social media.

I also have enjoyed networking with other agents and look forward to learning more from others."